Selling Your Home During the Holidays


  1. SUPPLY and DEMAND.  You’ll be in a more competitive position because there is less inventory now.  As a result, your home could sell quicker and for a higher price.
  2. Waiting Time.  Everyone else waits until after the Holidays, and so by listing now you avoid getting “lost in the shuffle.”
  3. Busy Time. Everyone is “busier” at this time of the year, so only the really serious buyers are shopping, including out-of-town transfers, oftentimes the most qualified now buyer.
  4. Home for the Holidays. The excitement (and happy mess) of the Holidays is a selling point.  Homes decorated for the season project warmth to buyers causing them to “mentally move in.”  Buyers pay more for a home than a house.
  5. Void Time. If you sell now, you can take advantage of void time, when most of the people needed to close a sale are available; that way you can get all the preliminary processing out of the way.
  6. Fewer tall-through. The best agents are still working now, and the best agents are more likely to have the most qualified buyers and are the best prepared to smoothly close a sale.
  7. Schedule Sensitivity. Buyers are more sensitive to the time of year, so appointments will be conveniently scheduled.  Come the first of the year, if someone wants to see your home now, you will have to drop everything and show it.
  8. Positioning. Selling before the first of the year positions you to be able to buy in the Spring, when inventories are traditionally higher, and you have more to choose from.  This could save you money when you buy.
  9. Protection. Selling now enables you to avoid contingencies and lengthy delays when you buy, saving money and processing time.
  10. Financial Analysis. Rates may go up, and tax advantages may go down after the first of the year.  They may not, but they could, and if they do…?

(And don’t forget, snow hides the flaws; and it’s easier to back the moving van up to the door when the ground is frozen!)

If you are ready to sell now and don’t want to wait until Spring, contact me now.  There are a lot of advantages of putting your home on the market during the holidays.

Selling During the Holidays
Are you ready to sell now? Don’t wait until Spring!